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2473 Transco Rd. Comer, GA 30629

Phone: 1.800.332.2747
Fax: 1.888.845.1454

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Simply give the operator the zip code of the area you need repair. You will receive the name and phone number of an Authorized Restoration Center.
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Time is Money!
{short description of image}We have eliminated wasted time spent searching for qualified repair and restoration firms. Our service has made it faster and easier to process claims. All of our services are designed to make your job easier at no cost to you!.
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{short description of image}Our nationwide network of professionals represent the best in the business. Their experience and superior craftsmanship enables them to repair a wide variety of items, even those deemed "unrepairable" by less qualified companies. Their level of professionalism can result in reducing unnecessary settlements as well as streamlining claims processing.

{short description of image}All of our Authorized Restoration Centers have met stringent qualifications to ensure that they are highly skilled in all facets of furniture restoration and claim handling. Whether the task involves determining the cause of damage, estimating the cost of repair or repairing the damage, Restoration Centers can resolve any problem promptly and efficiently.
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We receive calls from hundreds of companies nationwide who are searching for qualified repair firms.
Why do these companies call the HOT LINE?

{short description of image}Where else can they call to locate repair firms nationwide and be assured that they are experienced professionals, qualified to handle claim assignments? Our service eliminates wasted time fumbling through directories searching for repair firms.
Plus, the call is FREE!
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When you need a repair firm anywhere in the country,
Call the HOT LINE at:

Or, drop us a line at
Restoration Center - HOT LINE, Inc.
2473 Transco Rd.
Comer, GA 30629
Telephone: 1-800-332-2747
FAX: 1-888-845-1454

And remember,
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