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How do you find qualified furniture repair firms anywhere in the country?
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What is the National Repair Firm HOT LINE?
{short description of image}The National Furniture Repair and Restoration HOT LINE was created in 1988 to provide a valuable service for the claims industry. Companies needed a way to quickly locate reputable furniture repair firms nationwide to handle their claim assignments. Before the National HOT LINE, there was no convenient way to locate them or to be sure they were qualified to handle the assignments.
{short description of image}The HOT LINE solved these problems, and has become a tremendous success. Not only is the HOT LINE service convenient, it ensures that your customers will receive the best quality and workmanship possible from professional restoration companies nationwide.

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Our Authorized Restoration Centers are
the best in the business.

{short description of image}All Authorized Restoration Centers are independently owned and operated. Each repair firm is licenced, insured and has met stringent qualifications to ensure they are experienced enough to handle all claim assignments. In addition, most firms offer a wide variety of other services such as complete refinishing, re-upholstering, installation, cabinetry, custom assembly and much more. ALL of our Authorized Restoration Centers offer "on-site" repair and respond promptly.

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Our HOT LINE referral service is FREE
No hidden charges!
{short description of image} Unlike most referral services that add on fees or percentages to the repair bills, our referrals are free. You always deal DIRECTLY with the restoration firm and pay only their bill. Simply call our toll-free number and supply our operator with the zip code of the desired area you need the repair. You will receive the name and number of an Authorized Restoration Center in your area.

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{short description of image}Our principal job is to ensure that our customers receive prompt, courteous, professional service with the highest quality workmanship. We take the worry and hassle out of claim handling, constantly monitoring and updating our national restoration company network for complete quality assurance.
{short description of image}Our service network is subject to numerous "spot checks" by randomly contacting customers, evaluating criteria such as:

sphere Did the repair firm contact the customer within 24 hours?
sphere Did the firm present an appropriately professional appearance?
sphere Were they courteous on the phone and in person?
sphere Did they keep their appointments?
sphere Was the customer completely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship?

If you have a problem, we want to know!
{short description of image}Customer feedback is essential to our quality control efforts. The National Repair and Restoration HOT LINE strives to provide the highest level of service possible. Should you or any of your associates ever have a problem with one of our referrals, PLEASE let us know. We will do everything possible to make sure it does not happen again.

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Who calls the HOT LINE?
sphere Moving Companies
sphere Insurance Companies
sphere Furniture Manufacturers
sphere Furniture Distributors
sphere Insurance Adjusting Companies
sphere Retailers
sphere Major Corporations
sphere Relocation Departments
sphere Warranty Companies
sphere Individual Home Owners

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Contact Us!
We are constantly searching for ways to improve our services and we welcome your comments and suggestions.
Restoration Center - HOT LINE, Inc.
2473 Transco Rd.
Comer, GA 30629
Telephone: 1-800-332-2747
FAX: 1-888-845-1454

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